Case Study: Aerospace and Defense

Case Study: Aerospace and Defense

In the last several years, aerospace and defense manufacturers have begun to take steps to reduce the number of vendors with whom they work. BOS – Odem Ltd. has been the bridge between vendors and manufacturers for over 20 years, working with aerospace and defense-related companies in Israel, the United States, Europe, and China.

Our ability to provide the highest quality of customer service, filling orders to exact specifications, at the lowest possible costs and shortest lead times, have made BOS – Odem Ltd. a leader player in the field. Our expert purchasing team and engineers are vastly knowledgeable about the components needed by aerospace and defense contractors, enabling cross-checks with component manufacturers and a continuous supply of new and cutting-edge components, sold as stand-alone products or through our kitting service.

BOS – Odem Ltd. offers several different types of components, including active, passive, and electro-mechanical components, as well as obsolete items. We begin each project by working closely with the manufacturer's representatives, developing a detailed list of required components, and then we source and supply them at competitive prices. We are not obligated to any specific manufacturers, and can thus offer our customers maximum flexibility and product choices from all vendors. Customers reap the benefits of working with a supplier who has been in the field for two decades, as well as from our ability to obtain aggressive prices from the vendors.

After working with BOS – Odem Ltd. as a components supplier, some customers have asked us to increase our role in managing their purchasing and inventories. For example, Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI) and many of its divisions use BOS as a means of exercising quality control on their production lines, and components that we supply are directly integrated into their production lines, without need for further quality checks. Customers have also subcontracted to BOS their warehouse management for ongoing projects. We can supply all warehouse functions, including finance, operations, and inventory management.

Numerous customers worldwide have been highly satisfied with BOS' aerospace and defense supply chain solutions, including the divisions of IAI, Israel Military Industries (IMI), Elta, Elbit, Aeronautics, Asselsan, Tusas, and Hal. As a result of BOS' customized services, these companies are enjoying reduced costs of components, tighter control over logistics, purchasing and operations, and optimized inventory management, all of which lead to significant cost savings.

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