BOS Livestock

BOS Livestock

BOS Livestock (Enlarge)

BOS Livestock enables livestock operations to manage, track, support and plan all day-to-day tasks. To date, it supports all farming processes, including real-time tracking of animals and farm equipment, and lifecycle monitoring of all animals, enabling preventative treatment for disease management.

Empowered by RFID hardware such as tags, readers and antennas, BOS Livestock provides a computerized solution to track, monitor and control the animals’ lifecycle, including breeding, insemination, pregnancies, vaccines, transportation, weight and whelping. For meat production, they may be tracked from nursing, weaning, fattening through the butchery process.

For disease management and prevention, farmers can receive real-time alerts in the event of a drastic change in the animals’ body temperature, thus allowing the farms to act immediately. The RFID monitoring system can immediately identify symptoms that are associated with many common illnesses, including swine or bovine flu, allowing the farm to perform early and more successful treatment.

Key Benefits of BOS Livestock

         Full solution for managing farm

         Increased productivity and optimization of day-to-day tasks

         Total farm oversight of each animal's lifecycle, from birth to saleable meat

         Real-time information on changes in any animal’s status

         Reduction of location and search time per animal

         On time injections of vaccines for improved preventative treatment


  BOS Livestock Data Sheet
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