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BOS ID is the Company’s foremost platform product, enabling systems integrators to assemble applications without programming, from transfer to any AIDC client such as handheld rugged terminals, barcode readers or mobile PCs. As BOS ID is an infrastructure product, used to assemble applications for ID management – a key function in every AIDC and RFID installation – potential customers may be found across a wide range of industries. BOS ID enables organizations to manage whatever items they are tracking – be they crates, pallets, equipment or individual assets – on an enterprise-wide scale, helping to optimize processes and make more-informed business decisions.


BOS ID is unique in that it enables systems integrators to assemble applications for automatic data collection without any programming (or programmers) required. The BOS ID platform has a library of established templates and accommodates the creation of new templates. It provides automatic status updates of every tagged item in system. BOS ID allows for real-time data collection from mobile computers, handheld/forklift terminals, and other AIDC clients, enabling dynamic interaction with the end-user such as a shelf manager, logistics manager, etc. Furthermore, BOS ID coverts data into business events for ERP and enterprise systems.


In addition to the numerous benefits for end-users, BOS ID offers several value propositions for systems integrators, the natural channel through which the product will be sold. These include:

          Ease of implementation



          RFID & barcode compliant

          Centralized deployment

          Opens up new potential vertical markets and lines of business

          Communication and networking protocol-independent

          Enables integrator to provide Software as a service (Saas)

          Expands and reinforces customer relationships


Key Benefits of BOS ID


         Handles several control points or locations from a single server

         Translates AIDC or RFID data to business data, with a wide range of reports possible

         Receives real-time alerts about problems requiring immediate attention

         Analyzes and optimizes information about the movement and/or usage of each tagged item/crate/pallet

         Integrates information with existing line of business systems


In short, BOS ID is an open and flexible system with ability to customize features and reports, and is extremely user-friendly.


  BOS ID White Paper
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