Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Mr. Yosi Lahad was appointed as Chairman of the Board in 2015. Mr. Lahad brings valuable experience in strategic and business development in a variety of industries and mainly in automation and robotic systems.. Mr. Lahad has served as the CEO or Chairman for several technology companies from early stage to growth and has overseen several M&A transactions in the United States, Israel and China.. Mr. Lahad serves as an active Board Chairman/member of JPI Group China, a consulting company for the Chinese market, of AtlasSense, a provider of innovative analytics of health information, and of NextWave Robotics. Previously, Mr. Lahad served as the Managing Director of Tadiran’s operations in China and as a Division VP at ELBIT Systems. Mr. Lahad has been a faculty member/Adjunct Professor lecturing on strategy of emerging companies and innovation in a joint program of Wharton school of business at University of Pennsylvania and Tel-Aviv University.. Mr. Lahad holds a BSc. in engineering from the Technion, an MSc. in engineering from the University of Texas (UTA) and an MBA from Tel Aviv University.

Mr. Ziv Dekel joined our Board of Directors in June 2015. Mr. Dekel contributes valuable experience in strategic business planning and assisted BOS through the process of preparing its current strategic plan. Mr. Dekel has over 25 years of management and strategic consulting experience for a wide range of business entities in diverse industries. In 1989, Mr. Dekel joined Shaldor Strategy Counseling as an analyst, and from 2002 through 2010 served as Shaldor’s CEO and Managing Partner. Mr. Dekel holds a BA in Economics and an MBA, both from Tel-Aviv University.

Mr. Ralf Sassun joined our Board of Directors in January 2019. Mr. Sassun brings extensive experience in international finance. He served as the head of treasury for Zim Integrated Shipping Services Ltd (TASE: ILCO) from 2010 through 2014 and as head of treasury for Ceragon Networks Ltd. (NASDAQ&TASE: CRNT) during 2002-2009. Currently, Mr. Sassun serves as the CFO and COO of Inovytec Medical Solutions Ltd. He holds a BA in Economics and Statistics from Hebrew University of Jerusalem and an MBA from Tel-Aviv University.

Ms. Odelia Levanon joined our Board of Directors in November 2015. She has more than 15 years’ of experience as Chief Information Officer for leading retailers in Israel, some of which have been BOS’ customer and she contributes to BOS a valuable customer perspective. Ms. Levanon served for 12 years as Chief Information officer of Mega retail (was one of the biggest food retail chain in Israel) and for 3 years as Chief Information officer of Irani Group (one of the leading fashion retail chain in Israel). Since November 2017, Ms. Levanon has been the CEO of the IUCC - Inter-University Computation Center. Ms. Levanon is a lecturer on information systems management at the Israel Academic College in Ramat Gan. Ms. Levanon holds a B.Sc. in Mathematics and Computer Sciences and an M.Sc. in Computer Sciences, both from Tel Aviv University.

Ms. Revital Cohen joined our Board of Directors in December 2017. Since 2011, Ms. Cohen has served as a consultant to enterprises that enhance the efficiency of inventory management, mainly through implementation of enhanced and innovative technology. Ms. Cohen offers a deep understanding of the logistics industry and a valuable perspective as a logistic consultant. Prior to 2011, Ms. Cohen was a senior consultant with Step Economic Consulting Ltd. She holds a BA in Sociology and Education, and an MA in Organizational Studies from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Ms. Cohen is a sister-in-law of Mr. Eyal Cohen, the Company’s Co-CEO and CFO.

Mr. Yuval Viner is the Company’s Co-CEO, leading the Company’s RFID and Mobile division and has been a member of the Board of Directors since 2015. Mr. Viner has more than 25 years of experience in integration of inventory tracking systems. He joined BOS’ in 2008 as part of the Company’s acquisition of the assets of Dimex Systems. Mr. Viner has been with Dimex since 1993. Mr. Viner is a graduate of the Practical Engineering Academy of Tel Aviv. Due to Mr. Viner’s executive position as BOS’ Co-CEO, he does not receive a director’s fee.

Mr. Avidan Zelicovsky is the President of the Company, leading the Company’s Supply Chain division and has been a member of the Board of Directors since 2015. Mr. Zelicovsky has more than 20 years of experience in supply chain management, with a focus on electronic components for the aerospace, defense and high technology industry. He joined BOS as part of the Company’s acquisition of Odem in November 2004. Mr. Zelicovsky has been with Odem since 996. He holds a BA in Business Administration from the Tel Aviv College of Management and an LL.M. from the Bar-Ilan University. Due to Mr. Zelicovsky’s executive position as BOS’ President, he does not receive a director’s fee.


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